The Arrest of Anne Boleyn; 2 May 1536

The Arrest of Anne Boleyn
The Arrest of Anne Boleyn

It was on this day in 1536 that the Queen of England, Anne Boleyn, was arrested, charged with treason, oh, and also incest, and adultery, and just to make sure, witchcraft. Seventeen days later she lost her head.

I’m not exactly sure what the take away should be for us as we note this day. But, I think I’m going with don’t cross absolute monarchs.

Oh, and maybe don’t let anyone be an absolute monarch. Even yourself. You know that one that lives inside your head and wears the Napoleon hat? The one that knows it is right. Always. Now that right can be as seductive as can be. And, don’t be deceived; based upon your preferences that “always right” can even be disguised as “always wrong.” A real trickster that monarch, constantly excreting thoughts, excreting certainties. Blinding us to the real world in all its dynamic and wild expression, now this, now that. The best scientists hold a place somewhere in their hearts that somewhere one and one may not equal two. And the spiritual pilgrim should hold all ideas lightly, no matter how compelling, no matter how true they may present.

As the old bumpersticker goes, don’t believe everything you think.
Which I thought wasn’t quite right.

Don’t believe anything you think. Or, at least as little as you can.

The secret sauce to all spiritual disciplines…


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