Michel Temer withdraws troops from streets after protests

Michel Temer withdraws troops from streets after protests
Michel Temer withdraws troops from streets after protests

Brazilian President Michel Temer signed Thursday a decree canceling a previous order to deploy troops in the streets of the capital city Brasilia for a week.

The order was signed less than 24 hours after the previous one in which Temer had asked the army to occupy the streets to quell a protest against him near the government’s headquarters.

Police said there were 35,000 people gathering to protest against Temer administration and to call for direct elections, while organizers claimed that the number of protesters reached 150,000.

The police used regular weapons instead of the usual rubber bullets against the crowds, and the cavalry advanced over a peaceful section of the protest.

Protesters set fire to a ministry building, which led to the escalation of hostilities. No one was caught by the fire, as the building had been evacuated earlier in the day, but 49 got injured in the confrontations.

The army-deploying order was met with strong reaction in the Congress. The opposition vehemently disapproved the order, saying it is unconstitutional.

Temer’s situation has already been complicated after a tape of him endorsing bribes and committing obstruction of justice was released earlier this month.

Despite backing off, the government did not admit any mistakes on the way they handled the situation. Defense Minister Raul Jungmann said the army will leave the streets considering that the order has returned to the city now.


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