Lady of Cao: Researchers rebuild face of ancient Moche

Lady of Cao: Peru reveals face of ancient priestess
Lady of Cao: Peru reveals face of ancient priestess

The picture shows a replica of The Lady of Cao, a female mummy found at the archaeological site Huaca El Brujo, a grand pyramid of the ancient Moche pre-Hispanic culture.

She died some 1,700 years ago, after ruling over a desert valley in ancient Peru. But the likeness of the famed former priestess, known as the Lady of Cao, can now be seen thanks to 3D imaging technology and forensics archaeology.

The model, unveiled this week was based on the priestesses skull structure. and has taken 10 months to create. The goal is to bring the world closer to one of of Peru’s best archaeological finds and to reveal insights into the genetic development of Peruvians.

The Lady of Cao shattered the belief that the ancient Moche people, who occupied the Chicama Valley from about 100-700, was patriarchal. After she was discovered in 2005, several other female mummies were found in graves with objects denoting their high political and religious standing.


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