Dog with ‘David Bowie eyes’ can’t find a home, losing hope in UK rescue

Dog with 'David Bowie eyes' can't find a home, losing hope in UK rescue
Dog with 'David Bowie eyes' can't find a home, losing hope in UK rescue

Maybe you’ve heard the song, ‘Bette Davis Eyes.’ Well, here’s a dog who has ‘David Bowie eyes’, who has been waiting for a home for six months, and the rescue, Dogs Trust, in West London, simply can’t understand why no one looks at him twice. They posted out this special plea for him today, which immediately began trending on Yahoo. It’s impossible to believe that people in the U.K. are simply walking past Mickey, a stunning dog in his prime, made all the more special because of his eye color. He’s affectionate, fun-loving, with a fantastic personality, and has absolutely striking eyes, one blue and one brown, which is why you might be reminded of the late David Bowie.

The condition is called Heterochromia in humans, and it doesn’t affect his sight at all. He can see perfectly well, he just has less pigment in his blue eye. Dogs Trust are hoping that someone will see Mickey for all he has to offer and scoop him up. Richard Moore, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Harefield, says, “Sadly we find some people will overlook dogs with the slightest quirks so we hope a new owner will see beyond his unusual eyes and offer him a happy home. He is a sociable boy who would love to live with another dog and can live with children over 12. We think Mickey’s beautiful blue eye is really striking – he is a dog in a million and we really hope he catches the eye of a loving new owner soon.”

His breed is known as a Lurcher, which are Greyhounds mixed with another breed, such as a collie, a terrier or a whippet. They are sensitive, intelligent, and form strong bonds with their owners. Other breeds with this ocular condition may be Siberian Huskies, Australian Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard Dogs.

Although Bowie was photographed with two-colored eyes, he wasn’t born with the condition. He actually had a permanently dilated pupil, received in a scrape with a friend when he was a teenager. But there are other well-known people with Heterochromia, including Alexander the Great, Kate Bosworth, Christopher Walken, Kiefer Sutherland, Michael Flatley, Jane Seymour, Dan Akroyd, Mila Kunis and Simon Pegg. The comic actor reportedly described himself as being “slightly mutanty”, but he’s part of a select group of stunning beauties.

Please see the beauty in Mickey. He’s a big softy, loves cuddles and loves to play. We’re sure there’s a comfy couch somewhere out there in the U.K. owned by a special human looking for an equally special dog. If you can offer that spot to Mickey please give Dog’s Trust a call at 0300 303 0292.


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