Bobcat traps family inside their house, officials say

Bobcat traps family inside their house, officials say
Bobcat traps family inside their house, officials say

That’s a BIG kitty! Jersey bobcat traps family in their bathroom.

A bobcat trapped a family in the bathroom of their New Jersey home for nearly an hour Wednesday evening.

Washington Township Police Cpl. David Marut and Officer Andrew Tesori responded to a home on Coleman Road at 5:50 p.m. for a report of a dog attacked by a bobcat in the rear yard, police said in a news release.

The homeowner told Marut and Tesori she took the dog to the veterinarian for treatment before the officers arrived. The bobcat, however, had left the area before police arrived.

Less than an hour later, both officers received a second call about a bobcat at a private residence on Naughright Road.

There, Marut and Tesori, were able to isolate the bobcat in a barn, and alert the state Division of Fish and Wildlife.

A Fish and Wildlife conservation officer was then able to snare the bobcat and remove it for observation and possible rabies testing.

The conservation officer reportedly told police the bobcat displayed early signs of having rabies.

Washington Township police spokesman Lt. Douglas Compton said it’s not yet clear whether the bobcat captured on Thursday was the same bobcat that entered an East Mill Road home a day earlier.

“All residents are still encourage to take precautions and contact us if they have any other contact with any wild animals,” he said.


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