Man cycling from Chicago to Los Angeles on historic Route 66


Addison Zawada, determined and talented fixed gear cyclist, has been on a month-long cross-country journey from Chicago, heading to Los Angeles via the historic U.S. Highway 66, to see forgotten America on a bicycle. His adventure began on October 23, 2015 when he departed on his bicycle with a bike trailer and two friends. It will end this Sunday, December 6, when he finishes his journey in Los Angeles having traveled 2,451 miles.

Addison’s bicycling trip has, no doubt, been really physically demanding. With the trailer he’s hauling, his bike weighs 115 pounds. Imagine riding with all of that up hills, mountains and through headwinds. Add to that the fact that he’s not able to eat as properly as he can at home because of the lack of refrigeration, and he can’t take real food. Addison has been getting his food out of gas stations on his ride across the country. In order to make the goal of reaching Los Angeles by December 6, he and his friends have been biking at least 65 miles a day.

As far as sleeping arrangements after 7-8 hours of riding a day, they’ve pretty much stayed everywhere from rooms in people’s houses and literally sleeping between a dumpster and train tracks with a train going through every 45 minutes. Addison and his friends do try and call ahead to fire stations, police stations, and churches for sleeping arrangements when they figure out a city they’ll be in. “The last option is you just ‘rebel camp’ it, camp wherever,” states Addison.

Exhausting yet amazing is what Addison Zawada is doing with this journey, and what an incredible way to see forgotten America. “The trip was purely a fun way for me to get out and explore the country that has been long forgotten,” Addison says. “I have a deep desire for adventure and exploration and this was a way to fulfill that and get some good offseason training.” With three more days to go, there are certain to be some gratifying experiences that Addison will have to share.


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