Volunteers heartbroken that beloved dog will be killed


Mandy is a perfect dog who is now on her way to being killed. She’s been taken from the front, where she could be seen by potential adopters, and moved to the back prior to being killed. It’s breaking the hearts of both volunteers who have come to know her over the last month and shelter workers who have extended her time to live because she’s such a great dog.

Mandy has been at the shelter over a month — an unheard of length of time for this high-kill shelter. It’s because of her special, sweet temperament that they’ve allowed her so much time. But even the sweetest of dogs runs out of time eventually. And Mandy is out of time. Now. And it’s killing those who have come to know her and love her over the past month.

She is a goofball. She is still a big puppy and rolls over when volunteers visit through the bars. She’s dying for them to rub her tummy. She also tries her best to give kisses through the bars. She enjoyed meeting a special needs visitor and would probably be a great therapy dog.

A volunteer wrote about Mandy:

This is a high kill facility and they have allowed her a month past her exit date and to remain in the Adoptable building. This is a huge testament to her wonderful temperament. But they will not keep her alive much longer.”

A foster offer would save Mandy’s life. That would be a temporary offer to give Mandy a home without any of the costs associated with owning a dog. The rescue would pay for all her medical costs and find her a home. The foster just provides the love and a soft bed. And by doing so, they save a life! If you can foster Mandy, please apply here. At this time, Foster’s for “FOSTER ME” MUST live in California, Nevada, Washington or Oregon. If you can open your heart to fostering or have any questions regarding fostering a specific dog, please email all inquiries to: lastcallrescue@gmail.com.

More information can be seen on her original Facebook thread and Donna’s Facebook thread. Her current status will be shown on her PetHarbor page. For more information about this animal, call:(951) 358-7387. She is ID#A1260689 at the Riverside County Animal Control – Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter at 6851 Van Buren Blvd., Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509.


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